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In the following section, you will find a compilation of references, links, and terms used throughout the text that will be helpful to you as you work your way through the training course.

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Glossary of Travel Terms

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All-inclusive resort
Resort that includes all meals, beverages, alcohol, and entertainment in its pricing.

Base fare
The price of a cruise before taxes, port charges, and non-commissionable charges.

A bed in a cruise ship stateroom or cabin.

Cruise Lines International Association

Combination specialist
A travel agent who focuses on the needs of clients making business-related travel plans

Corporate travel specialist
A travel agent who focuses on the needs of clients making business-related travel plans.

A sailing vacation that offers accommodations as well as the opportunity to visit multiple ports of call; the cost of a cruise will include accommodations, meals, and transportation.

A location that a traveler chooses to visit.

Escorted tour
A tour that involves traveling with a group of people, under the care of a trip escort who takes care of details and leads the way.

Foreign Independent Tour; a tour for travelers who are not part of a group and do not have access to an escort or a host.

Global Distribution Systems; systems that utilize a unique set of commands to perform airline reservations, hotel reservations, and car rental reservations (and, sometimes, cruise vacations and other ancillary travel products).

Hosted tour
A vacation where you travel on your own, but have access to a tour host who can assist with planning daily itineraries, and can also offer help with directions or assistance in purchasing train tickets and such.

A location that offers accommodations while travelers are away from home.

International Airlines Travel Agent Network

Independent tour
A trip with no group or tour leader, for which each component (flight reservations, hotel bookings, train transportation, etc.) is booked individually.

Jones Act
A subset of a larger maritime law that states that ships of foreign registry are prohibited from carrying cargo between the U.S. mainland and noncontiguous parts of the United States; the restrictions of this act can affect cruise ship itineraries.

Leisure travel specialist
A travel agent who specializes in leisure-trip planning.

Net of commission
The final price of a cruise less the commission the agency receives for the sale.

Packaged vacation
A trip for which many components are booked together, simultaneously, as a package; resorts, hotels, air reservations, car rentals, and some sightseeing tours can be included as part of a package vacation.

An upscale hotel that offers more than just accommodations; a resort will likely offer enticements meant to attract travelers for long stays.

A cabin on a cruise ship.